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Highlight moments of the #madeofgreat cars from Tata Motors as they break past-records at Tata Motors Geared For Great.

  • The #madeofgreat Team

    The #madeofgreat team caught in one frame before setting out to break past records behind the wheel of the #madeofgreat cars from Tata Motors, in the days to come.

  • The #GearedForGreat Flag off

    The renowned drivers of the #GearedForGreat challenge get the go ahead from esteemed dignitaries as they embark on a journey to put the endurance and efficiency of the #madeofgreat cars to test.

  • Setting New Records

    A truly phenomenal start to the #GearedForGreat challenge when the #madeofgreat team set 68 records by shattering previous ones and setting new benchmarks within a span of 8 hours since the flag off.