• Tata Motors Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “TML”) has, with a view for marketing its Passenger Car “Tata Tiago” has decided to extend an offer for its prospective Customer(s). Under the offer, one lucky person, gets an opportunity to win Google Pixel Phone every day. The details of the offer and its terms & conditions are explained hereunder:
  • The free-to-enter promotional offer (“Fantastico Selfie Offer”) herein referred to as a “Offer”, is open to all Indian residents aged 18 years and above, except for residents from the State of Tamil Nadu. Employees, agents or officers of Tata Motors Limited (TML) or of any entity involved in the development, production, implementation and distribution of the offers/s including any advertising or promotion agency, parent company, service provider, subsidiary or affiliate of any such entity or any other entity directly associated with TML or any member of the immediate family of and/or person living in the same household as such persons, including but not limited to TML, are ineligible to enter the promotion.
  • Please read the terms and conditions carefully before registering to participate and avail the offer. Participation to avail the Offer indicates that you have accepted the below mentioned terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you will not be eligible to avail or participate in the Offer.
  • The offer shall commence on 05th December, 2016 and shall continue till 31st Dec 2016 and only upon fulfillment of the Terms and Conditions of the Offer. TML has the right to withdraw or discontinue the offer at any given point of time.
  • The offer is valid only on test drive of all variants of Tata Tiago only.
  • This is an optional offer and the interested buyers/persons can opt not to avail the offer and proceed directly with the usual process of taking test drive of Tata Tiago at TML Dealerships.



  1. Any person who has comes for the test drive of Tata Tiago is eligible and may choose to participate in this offer. Once the person gives his consent for participation, below is the process that he/she needs to follow for eligible participation: (any deviation from the process may lead to disqualification of the participant from the offer)
    • Participant takes a test drive of the Tata Tiago,
    • Participant takes a selfie picture with the test drive Tata Tiago vehicle only after taking the test drive,
    • Participant then shall upload the selfie picture on Facebook, Twitter and tag the offer in the post as “#FantasticoSelfie”. The participant must upload the selfie picture between 12.01 a.m. to 23.59 p.m. to facilitate TML to include the same in the contest for that particular day.
    • Participant shall also mention in the above post his/her Name, City, Dealership Name along with the selfie picture,
    • Only if all the above details are mentioned the entry qualifies for the lucky draw
    • At the end of the contest period,all the posts with the #FantasticoSelfie will be scanned by TML Team and will be organized by providing a Unique Identification Number to every post done,
    • Through a random selection process in the presence of an Independent Auditor,winner for each day from all the participants of the contest will be chosen and declared.
  2. The Schedule of the Offer is as follows: 5th Dec 2016 to 31st Dec 2016, in total 27 days.
  3. After the completion of the contest period & post all the above criteria are met the winners of the offer shall be announced on Facebook & Twitter mentioning the name of the Winner and the date for which the participant is the winner



  • * The Winner of the lucky draw would receive a “Google Pixel” smart phone as a gift by Tata Motors Ltd.
  • * Announcement of the winners will be uploaded on the TML website www.tatatiago.com after end of the selection process that will be conducted after the end of the contest.
  • The gift will be sent through by TML or its representative on completion of the entire process mentioned in the Terms & Conditions of the offer.
  • TML reserves its right to modify, curtail or discontinue the gift or the offer without prior notice.



  • Winner shall fill up the “Claim Form” that will be sent to the email ID as provided by the participant at the time of the test drive and email the scan copies of participant’s address proof, PAN card and copy of Test Drive Form to TML at amit.moleshwari@tatamotors.com or any other specified email id as would be mentioned later.
  • Winners will be eligible to claim the Gift only after submitting all required documents to Tata Motors via email as mentioned above within a period of two days.
  • On receiving the documents from the winner, TML shall intimate the winner of the applicable taxes for handing over the gift. The Gift will be sent by TML only after receiving payment towards the Gift Tax as applicable under the Indian tax laws and other applicable laws, if any.
  • TML will not be responsible for incomplete documents are submitted by the participant.
  • The gift will be dispatched within 04 weeks’ time from the date of submission of documents to TML.



  • Gifts is non-transferable by the winner to any third party. No exchange or modification of the gift would be applicable. TML shall not be liable for any deficiency in Smart phone’s performance. The winner will need to raise concern of performance or any technical faults with the manufacturers. The Terms & Conditions of warranty of the gift will be applicable as provided by the manufacturer.
  • The Terms & Conditions of the Test Drive shall be binding on the participants as provided before starting with the test drive.
  • TML shall not be held responsible for any damage to the gift during transit.
  • By participating in this offer, every participant agrees to expressly allow TML to use of his or her name and / or photograph for advertising or similar promotions related activities without demanding any compensation from TML or from its Authorised Dealers.
  • By participating in the offer all the participants accept and agree to the above terms and conditions. Non-acceptance of any of these terms and conditions will result in disqualification of the participant from the offer.
  • TML reserves the right to change, curtail or discontinue the offer without any prior notice.
  • Decision of Tata Motors is final in all respects and binding on all participants to the offer and no correspondence whatsoever will be entertained in this regard.
  • All disputes shall be exclusively subject to jurisdiction of Courts of Mumbai only.



I, Mr./Mrs/Miss:_____________________________________________________ (name) have understood and accept the below mentioned Terms and Conditions and, by participating in the “Fanstastico Selfie Offer” accept the same unconditionally.










Claim Form

Whom so ever it may concern

This is to state that I, Mr / Ms / Mrs_________________________________ is winner of “Fantastic Selfie” offer held on _________________(date) by Tata Motors Ltd. I confirm that I have given all the details and documents to best of my knowledge and TML has right to withdraw this offer from me if anything is found to be misleading

I hereby also confirm that I agree to pay all the mandatory Govt. Taxes pertaining to winning of this offer.

Thank you