Get answers to all your questions about the Tiago from Tata Motors with this comprehensive list of FAQs

• Next generation "Impact design" with confident and agile stance. Immediate Impact at first sight, lasting impact over time.

• Zippy drive with Revotron Petrol & Revotorq Diesel engines (multi-drive modes (Eco and City) are 1st in segment) and superior fuel efficiency.

• Generation next safety with ABS and EBD with Corner Stability Control (CSC) and dual airbags

• Intelligently designed 22 utility spaces for your comfort

• ConnectNext infotainment by Harman with 8 speakers with Turn-By-Turn Navigation and Juke-car App: 1st in segment

The Tiago offers two engine options:

• Petrol engine: Revotron 1.2L 3-cylinder engine with 85PS power and 114Nm of torque

• Diesel engine: Revotorq 1.05L 3-cylinder engine diesel engine with 70PS power and 140Nm of torque

• Both engines offer first in class multi drive mode (Eco, City) for best of both -fuel economy and a great driving experience

Highlights of the Revotron 1.2L 3-cylinder petrol engine are:

• 1st engine in its class with multi-drive mode (CITY & ECO)

• Refined and reliable All-Aluminium engine

• Variable Cam Timing (VCTi) on intake for better performance & lower emissions

• Superior fuel efficiency

• Low cost of ownership for more savings

Highlights of the Revotorq 1.05L 3-cylinder diesel engine are:

• 1st engine in its class with multi-drive modes (CITY & ECO)

• Superior fuel efficiency for low running costs

• Better drivability with seamless torque delivery

• Low cost of ownership for more savings

• Balancer shaft for refined engine operation

• Yes, the Tiago is equipped with Electric Powered Assisted Steering with Active return feature

• The active return feature instantly gets the steering back to its original position by up to 95% after maneuvering a tight turn

• Multi-drive mode is a feature on the Revotron 1.2L petrol engine and the Revotorq 1.05L diesel engine that programs the engine output to suit driving requirements

• Segment First feature

• 2 DRIVING modes:

• Eco: Optimum engine output: power & torque: for best fuel efficiency

• City: Increased engine output – for balanced drive

• Tata Motors has paid special attention to fit & finish while designing and manufacturing the Tiago

• The quality of materials used in the dashboard, steering wheel and all surfaces gives you premium touch and feel

• Layered design theme with a dual tone interior. Customizable air vents and premium graphics on fabric.

• Premium, height adjustable seating with body hugging bolsters.

• All these accentuate the premium finish on the Tiago

• ConnectNext Infotainment, exclusively developed by HarmanTM

• Surround sound effect with 8 speakers for an engaging audio experience

• First-in-Segment smart phone enabled Turn-By-Turn* Navigation app

• First-in-Segment Juke-Car* app

• User configurable settings through ConnectNext Infotainment system

• Bluetooth connectivity

• USB, AUX, iPod connectivity to connect multiple devices

• Speed dependent volume control for perfect sound quality even at high speeds

• The DIS or Driver Information System used in the Tiago has a 2.5 inch segmented display that is clear on the eyes and displays various parameters to keep you informed about various details of the vehicle and the drive

• Some of the important parameters displayed by the DIS are:

1. Odometer

2. Two trip meters A & B

3. Digital clock

4. Fuel computer (INST FE Bar Graph, AVG FE A & B, Distance-to-Empty)

5. In-gear indicator with shift recommendation

6. Drive mode indication

7. Independent door open warning

• The Tiago showcases the new Impact design philosophy of Tata Motors, created across UK, Italy & Pune design centers in order to utilize international expertise in Automotive design

• Exterior

• EXpressive

• Confident and agile stance with the new, multifaceted Tata emblem and signature hexagon grill

• EXtraordinary

• Next generation sharp, sculpted design language makes the car rise above the crowd

• EXciting

• 3 dimensional headlamps with smoked lens and sporty black bezel. Sharp tail lamps accentuate the sporty stance

• Interior

• INviting

• Layered design theme with a dual tone interior. Customizable air vents and premium graphics on fabric.

• Premium, Height adjustable seating with body hugging bolsters.

• INtouch

• Premium finish with geometric texture accented with chrome handles and premium knitted fabrics.

• INtelligent

• Next Gen ConnectNext Infotainment system by Harman, complemented by the sporty instrument cluster pods.

• Multiple storage spaces designed for easy access. All controls within easy reach

• SVC or Speed-dependent Volume Control is a feature in Tiago’s ConnectNext infotainment system

• A clever feature that automatically adjusts the music volume when the vehicle speed is increased

• The intensity of music adapts to your speed thus compensating for the changes in ambient noise.

• This automatic volume adjustment by SVC adds to convenience

• The Tiago features several active and passive safety features

• Active Safety

• Advanced gen ABS with EBD that senses wheel speed and prevents wheel lock-up during panic braking thereby maintaining steering control

• Corner Stability Control

• Speed sensing door auto lock

• Passive Safety

• Dual front airbags that will keep the front occupants protected in case of a frontal collision

• Energy absorbing body structure for superior safety

• No you cannot access internet on the Harman system

• The ConnectNext infotainment features first-in-class smart phone based Turn-by-Turn navigation through an app

• This functionality is available for Android based smart phone

• The directions to the intended location are displayed Turn-by-Turn on the Connectnext screen along with useful information such as expected time to arrival and distance to destination

• No, the Tiago comes with a 5 - speed manual transmission.

• No, it just required GPS ON. Internet connection is required only once to download the Turn-by-Turn Navi app and ‘ConnectNext’ launcher app from play store

The 22 unique storage spaces in the Tiago are

1. 2 units of 0.5L Bottle holders in front doors

2. 1L bottle holder in rear doors

3. 1L bottle holder on floor console

4. 2 units Cup holders on floor console

5. 2 units Bag hook in boot

6. Curry hook on co-driver side

7. Coat hook on rear grab handle

8. Storage pocket on driver-side (under steering wheel)

9. Tab holder in glove box

10. Pen holder in glove box

11. Card holder in glove box

12. Cooled Glove box

13. Ticket holder on 'A' pillar

14. Storage space besides handbrake

15. Storage space below 12V outlet

16. Recessed storage on top surface of dashboard

• No, Tiago is a completely new car. TIAGO comes with new Impact design language with global design inputs from UK Italy and Pune. It has a confident and agile stance with the new, multifaceted Tata emblem and signature hexagon grill. Tiago also integrates the best of comfort and convenience features with a zippy driving experience through multiple first-in-class features and 2 new engines – Revotron 1.2L 3-cylinder petrol engine and Revotorq 1.05L 3-cylinder diesel engine

• The price of the #Fantastico Tiago from Tata Motors starts from ₹ 3,20,000*
*Ex-showroom price Delhi.

• The fuel economy of the Tiago Revotron engine is 23.84** km/l & Tiago Revotorq 27.28** km/l
** - Compact hatches under 4m length with 3 cylinder engine.

• The Tiago has 5 variants – XB, XE, XM, XT, XZ.

• Test drives of the Tiago would be available at your nearest Tata Motors. Please share your details for booking a priority test drive and we will connect with you.

• The Tiago from Tata Motors can be booked by following this link:

• Tiago from Tata Motors will be launched on 6th April, 2016.

• No. The Revotron is a family of engines with a bouquet of technologies utilised in multiple engines. The Revotron engine used in the Tiago is a new engine, specially integrated with it. The engine is naturally aspirated 3-cylinder petrol engine producing 85PS of power and 114Nm of torque